“While Zen Buddhism cannot be thoroughly articulated with words, it can be experienced as living in the unknown. Living in such a way gives an unlimited landscape in which to dwell in liberation. Many of the teachings are seen as paradoxical but what is being presented is an open field of illumination without any end to what you might experience. Zazen, sitting meditation, is an experience of the open field, the illumination that comes from the darkness of life. When we accept the path, we walk through the gate with all of who we are. So, it is important to consider all the suffering, including that of systemic oppression, and to understand the nature of our human condition. A return to the breath is a return to nature. Ahhhhhh!”
– Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Osho Zenju Earthlyn Manuel (she/her) sees Zen and all meditation practices as shamanic in nature. Zen is living in ritual and ceremony and through those activities, especially zazen, we come to see and know the chaotic and sublime nature of our lives.

Still Breathing Zen Sangha [Learn More], led by Zenju Osho and senior students, is a private refuge for Zen practitioners of African descent.  [Photo by Vaschelle André:  Zenju Osho (left) and visiting guest teacher Osho Chimyo Atkinson (right)]

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