The Earth is Everywhere.

“Come close to Earth and discover peace.”
– Zenju

Join us for experiences of awakening for everyone

–The Earth as Ancestor.

“The Earth speaks to us every moment through our earth bodies. What is it saying?”
– Zenju

Osho Zenju’s transmissions are through her words & books

This is the Heart of the Dharma –

“The work of illuminating and healing
from internalized oppression is at the
heart of an embodied path of dharma.”

– Zenju

I have gone through many gateways. But I am neither monk, nor nun, nor priest. I am neither Zen or Buddhist. I am neither teacher nor guide, nor author. I am a dark seed of a lineage that has resisted annihilation for thousands of years. I am a voice from the great darkness of transformation, grace, and constant birth and death. I am a collective voice that weeps and protests. I am the ever-abundant blackness and darkness that has given birth to everything. I am life from the first source of life. I am because we are.

- Zenju Earthlyn Manuel - (everything else of me in this website is of a worldly nature)


Zazen is a prolonged ritual of seeing and listening. It is a shamanic process and a way of life. Eventually, in zazen, you become the meditation as it arises in you with each breath. Then meditation is no longer something you do.

– From The Shamanic Bones of Zen by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel