We are living with the coronavirus pandemic. And we are also living with a pandemic of grief and hatred underlining the virus. Every morning we wake up from our dreamworld, after a minute we realize that something has died. That something is the world as we know it. There may be no words, just this sinking feeling in the gut that life itself is being threatened by the very act of breathing. And yet we must continue to breathe to live. As we yearn each day for the nectar of sounds, tastes, smells, and sights of life that we are used to, we are also heavy with grieving the losses and rising hatred.

“What we are up against is asking to be discovered.”

Teachings of what the pandemic offers us as human beings, pales against the reality that there are more than a million deaths due to the coronavirus and more to come in the future. At the same time there are intentional killings as hatred is being tolerated, if not promoted as a legitimate way to protest. Our tolerance for death is being pushed to a new limit and there are no outlets for ceremonies to grieve our losses or a foreseeable way to stop the widespread hatred of supremacy of all kinds. Even with new leadership, the pandemic of all kinds will remain.

We already know what is in front of us but at the same time what is occurring in the world is unknown. What we are up against is asking to be discovered. What is it and what is being asked of us? An answer in this moment would be unseasoned.

Medicine will come that will keep us alive from the coronavirus and then something else will show itself as something to be reckoned with. We are in the continued mystery of life. Take time for the uncomfortable feelings of grief. Take time with the rage that surfaces when acts of hatred appear. Within the grief and the rage something will open in us that will help us reap the abundance of the darkness. It will take a long sit in our caves. Can we trust that?