Suffering is neither good nor bad. Suffering of all kinds is a human condition that is aligned with being alive. It is a natural process of nature and as formed life we are nature. This human condition exists for what needs to be born and what needs to die personally and collectively. While suffering we are organically coming through ourselves to ourselves. We are becoming more of who we were meant to be in our lives and as a society. This process of birthing also occurs upon death. When we suffer massive deaths the dead and the living are being birthed together into a new and different relationship. The living eventually fills the space left empty by the dead as the dead no longer needs it. Everything and everyone is changed forever. Suffering is a dynamic interaction between death and what keeps us alive. We may have borrowed the wrong word from another language or have taken on a meaning of suffering that makes it impossible to understand. I wonder what indigenous traditions in the world understand in regards to human suffering and it’s existence? On the other hand, joy is a matter of passion. That passion erupts along with the condition of suffering and can bring ecstasy while we are still suffering. It is the sap or the honey of our embodiment. Joy is an elevation. We don’t have to create joy. We just have to realize it, see it, taste it, alongside or within suffering.