These are extraordinary times! It is almost as if the ancestors have risen up in us to complete an unfinished war. Through us some ancestors are carrying torches against people and some ancestors are trying to save the lives of their loved ones from being annihilated by the torch-carriers. This ancient battle has been imprinted upon us. We are being faced today with who we were. So, who are we going to be when all is said and done? Can we settle the rumbles of our ancestors in our own bones?

Some of us are still act upon the great lie of supremacy among us and the subsequent primal fear of extinction. This fear breeds the poisonous thought that there is a superior or inferior living being. Prolonged ignorance breeds hatred. We can see this.

While we are in this mythic battle against supremacy it is difficult to experience the freedom that is simultaneously rising up to  the surface. This freedom begins with acknowledging the malfunction of our “civilization” and a deep knowing that surrendering to intimidation is not a choice. One of the things I learned on the path of Buddha, is that we must continue to live our lives fully despite what we face each day. This is life.

Those of us whose ancestors would not let hatred rob them of life or destroy the possibility of future generations, are still part of who we are. We are still here and we are everywhere wielding the torch of prolonged audaciousness.

In peace and great love,

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel