When you flew
You tipped the tall pines
while you thought no one was watching,
it was more than graceful the way you anticipated danger, moving without resistance through the storms of your life.

You wait on the other side,
reaching toward us, arms open as wide as the sky,
And what we see is the sun,
reflecting back to us our own radiance.

We heard you utter love,
and it was only natural that we lingered,
in the sweetness, growing strong at heart,
never more looking back upon what kept us in the shadows of a wall that had been long gone.

You touched us with your presence,
bringing with you the hearts we thought were lost.
And the rhythm of our pulse together
made a kind of music never heard before

You sit with us in the horizon of our own meadows,
as we weep for what is left behind,
laugh with what has been given in its place.
Although it is not always the pot of gold promised,
you are still a rainbow

Without a step you leaped into the center of life,
causing ripples of yourself to flow out to us.
We drank from you river, taking you with us,
where we too found a place to leap.