Dear Ones,

As we head into the darkness I am reminded of the mystery it holds. Often I get a strange feeling inside at this time. I feel like something bad is coming. Then I realize that such a perception of darkness as eerie and bad comes from negative conditioning. In fact the dark is the unknown and what we don’t know brings forth our fears. As the Earth darkens it is a time to slow down and to witness life. Many of us instinctively do this as we look back on the year and its events. What did we learn and what is to be discovered during this time? We are born from the dark place of our mother’s wombs. In the dark, transformation can take place if we are willing to be uncertain for a short period of time. In the order of nature, the light returns with our renewed sense of how we intend to use our life energy every day.

As this winter solstice approaches I am smiling and greeting the darkness. I welcome it as an incubator and I trust it as the natural order of life. If you are struggling I encourage you to touch the earth and know that beyond all the things in our lives wellness and peace does exist. As you experience the darkness may you receive all that you need. May you be well and cared for during this time. May you be fed and housed. May the warmth of your smile be medicine for you and all those around you.

in peace with you,

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel