Are We Really Awake?

(photo by Omar Yousief) The uncovering of all corruption on this earth with the vilest content of minds being spewed, and the most horrendous acts of neglect and violence being rendered without remorse, clearly points to the beginning of the

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Prolonged Audaciousness

These are extraordinary times! It is almost as if the ancestors have risen up in us to complete an unfinished war. Through us some ancestors are carrying torches against people and some ancestors are trying to save the lives of

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Right Action: The Need To Interrupt Slavery

Slavery is a visceral and ancestral imprint on the bones of people of African descent in this country. Many lump us in with people of color but we are the only ones who were kidnapped from another continent and sold

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How Hate Exists

When one group of people is isolated from the realm of humanity, the group becomes objectified. If they are no longer people then it is easy to spew hate upon them. It is easier to withdraw love if a person

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Meditation, Ancient Civilizations, and Seeing Ourselves

Africans were meditating more than 10,000 years ago. The purpose was to see how to live their lives in the same way Buddhist practitioners are called to do. And yet, such meditation was not self-centered. It was meant to discover

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What Would MLK Say Today?

Dr. King said, “We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.” Yet, we continue to experience hatred today. Is it in part because we misunderstood Dr. King’s teaching as a political

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Six Things You Can Do After The Inauguration

Create a personal network off of the internet. Request friendships and confirm them with actual people in your neighborhood or other communities Invite through snail mail friends to gather to talk over a meal Share status with a phone call

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Now Is The Time We have Been Practicing For

From Lion’s Roar When I woke up November 9, 2016 there was an email in my box from Lion’s Roar asking for quick responses to the election. I was still a bit dazed but the deadline was within hours. I

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Remembering The Ancestors

My mother would tell me horror stories of her times where hatred was up close and chants were sung to terrorize. Fear would come over me because nothing had changed since then; we were still black. I lived my life

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We are and We are Not

(photo by omaryousief) “We are all one.” This is dry wisdom. It crackles and blows in the wind.¬† It is often not moistened, seasoned or held down with compassion toward the relative experiences of those who are considered unacceptable in

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