batikpeople1cropBurying the Bones
Rituals for Loss of Life, Land, and Culture

(photo of Batik people)

We need to create symbolic burial rituals for those whose lives were taken to confiscate the land in which they lived and preserved culture or lives lost in deaths from pandemics that leave land for the taking. We also need large ceremonies eulogizing those who were murdered or died in the process of ethnic cleansing or female gender cleansing (the removal of particular ethnicities and removal of women and children). We cannot just blame others for humanitarian crisis. What lives were taken? Indigenous people, descendants of indigenous people and others all over the world including and in particular for women and children murdered in conquests or  sold into sexual slave labor. What Land? Every continent: the Americas including the United States (focus especially on Mexicanos, Native, African, Chinese and Japanesse Americans), Africa, India, Canada, Japan, China, and indigenous populations in Europe.

Keep an eye out for the next ritual.    Thank you.