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7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Global Spiritual Life Center at NYU

Photo by Vaschelle Andre

Photo by Vaschelle Andre

Speaking from her book, The Way of Tenderness, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel will share her teachings on an embodied dharma that admits the ways that appearance and sexual orientation shapes one’s spiritual questions and therefore one’s path. In a movement between her teachings and biography she holds up the light to Buddhist rhetoric of transcendence often used as a form of spiritual bypass, a sidestepping of the difficult questions of identity that when left unasked inevitably fracture a sangha. She acknowledges the tenderness that comes from not only compassion and love but also from pain and suffering that the body becomes “the location of awakened experience.”


Rev. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Ph.D., born in Los Angeles, California to parents who migrated from Creole Louisiana, is a gifted author and ordained Zen priest who combines Zen practice, social-spiritual justice, intuitive development, and indigenous ritual in a path of liberation. Her core teachings invite us to explore the nature of embodiment within a boundless life. She is also the author of Tell me Something About Buddhism (Hampton Road) and The Black Angel Cards: 36 Oracles and Messages for Divining Your Life. Visit her website for more: www.zenju.org.