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2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Anasa Yoga

Join Zenju Earthlyn Manuel for a talk on Creating Sanctuary

Short Mediation – Breathing into Freedom along with a Talk and Q& A.

Suggested donation: $25 – $35 – Registration at: Anasa Yoga Studio

She will share from her new book Sanctuary: A Meditation on Home, Homelessness, and Belonging (Wisdom Publications). Book is available through Wisdom Publications and Amazon.com.

A gifted storyteller, Rev. Zenju takes us directly into the struggle to nourish peace by engaging with the practice of establishing sanctuary as a spiritual and cultural project. Sanctuary forms at once an original look at how we might practice within the context of daily life the work of contemplative reflection, and a compelling portrayal of how that reflection can be skillfully wed to a powerful and loving engagement with our world as it is.   In the telling of this story, I was immediately moved to feel the allure of home in my life, but to recognize the work of sanctuary as refuge, as well as a space from which to remember what matters, and, in the authors words, “love what is difficult to love.”

By concentrating on this paradox, Rev. Zenju explores the spiritual potential of homelessness, reminding us, at a critical moment of ecological anxiety, political unrest and a renewed intensification of hate and misunderstanding, of the importance of embracing the deep abode of ancestry, while simultaneously seeing the world afresh.” (Doshin Nathan Woods, Ph.D)