What’s She Up To

What is Zenju up to these days? (Note: this is not in place of the Events page on this site):

Still recovering from Sundance ceremony held in July and the opening that occurred. Lots of sleep.

Holding a dying dharma sister. Chanting for peace to come to Junsei Jana Drakka.

Listening to Orisha songs.

Thinking about ancient songs, dances, and chants as a way to survive these times.

Going to Tassajara with aspirants mid August. Will do a dharma talk there.

Writing an abstract and 6,000 word essay for Dr. George Yancy’s,  professor of Emory University, book on the ontology of race in relationship to Buddhist concepts.

Beginning some writings on Death..Book? Essay? Nothing but musing?

Just completed two essays for Buddhadharma Magazine for future issues

Trying to get off the couch and walk more… Anybody else?

Yoga on Monday nights – Yeah!!! – Yoga on Saturday mornings – sort of happening.

Eating plant based food and making lots of homemade juices while trying to stay out of Arrizmendi Bakery:))