“Meditation is the silence that becomes loud in a thunderous beat of our hearts which keeps us awake to the ordinary and the extraordinary of our existence. It is the invitation that comes from our own suffering, the waiting for our acceptance of an innately divine relationship with everything and everyone.” – Zenju Earthlyn Manuel


The Still Breathing Meditation Community guided by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel is a meditation community based in Soto Zen that explores the nature of embodiment or identity in relationship to spiritual teachings of oneness and awareness. We also include intuitive development and indigenous ritual. Through retreats and study circles we learn to see our lives as boundless and yet relative to everyday life. We meet in East Oakland, CA. The meditation space or zendo is attached to a private residence. No experience necessary.

ZenjuLargeRegular Sitting Meditation Sessions – These sessions are for continuing members of the community or their friends and family or for those who have meditation practice discussion sessions on a regular basis with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel. Zendo opens October 5, 2015.

New to the Community – Start Here-  To become a part of the community does not mean you have to become Buddhist or that you have to claim Rev. Zenju as your teacher. It means you are interested in meditation as a way to observe life and take compassionate action. If you would like to begin sitting with the Still Breathing community please request a private session by filling out the form below. The session is a discussion about developing a meditation practice or questions about your continuing practice. This community is not a drop in sangha meaning Rev. Zenju would like to meet with you at least once (or already know you) prior to receiving the sitting schedule.

Ubuntu Dharma Group – Ubuntu, for women of African descent, began four years ago before Still Breathing was established. It is a group in which only members and teacher can refer new participants. We study Buddha’s teachings in relationship to our lived experience. If you are interested please feel at the form below.

POC Study Weekend at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center – August 2016 – Registration opens January 1st –  Click here

Way of Tenderness Dharma Group upcoming for everyone. Keep watching this page for dates. Until then there are many talks open to all. See Event page.

One Day Sit – October 24th – The Capacity to Be Love – Click here

Dharma Talks – See  Events

Click Here for this Giveaway:  Simple Instructions for A Sitting Meditation Practice




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