Guidance With Zenju

Guidance with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Ph.D. is to dive into places inside yourself and use the deep soil of your life to bring forth the beloved in you. The focus is you being you–not getting something or being improved although improvement may occur.

This is a reciprocal process in which both the teacher and the student together give and receive. The expertise ultimately belongs to that which guides both student and teacher through a process of sharing and communicating. These sessions include talking, meditation, and developing customized ways to walk more fully in your life. The sessions can be both intense and enlightening. They can also be filled with laughter. It is only for those who are open to being revealed. This means the superficial admiration in the relationship dissolves as both student and teacher spiral past the surface of life. Find out more about Zenju and her various spiritual transmissions and teachings she has to offer. Are you ready to dive? (Note: Although Zen is a transmission of many transmissions in my life this is not a Buddhist practice discussion (see information below on that topic).

Book, Reschedule or Cancel An Appointment.

Guidance is offered via phone and Skype sessions. In person sessions are available but rare. Sessions can be recorded by you. Prior to each appointment please sit still for at least 30 minute without eating or drinking. Find a quiet, safe and comfortable place to have your session without distraction. After the session take another 30 minutes to sit still.

Typically, each session is one hour and sometimes they do go over. The suggested donation for each session is $150 and we can work it out.  A cash/check donation can be arranged through an invoice process. Rescheduling is preferred over refunds. This donation is not tax deductible due to the fact that services are being exchanged.

If you have any questions contact Unique Holland, Zenju’s Assistant. Book your own appointment. Click image below.


Black Angel Card Readings
Book a session with the Black Angel Cards. Click image above. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel dreamed an oracle that has been in the world for nearly 20 years. On the behalf of her ancestors and you, she also provides guidance using her oracle, the Black Angel Cards. These sessions are $100 and we can work it out. Your session includes one follow-up via email a week later. Prior to the session please sit still for at least 30 minutes without eating or drinking. Find a quiet, safe and comfortable place to have your session without distraction. After the session take another 30 minutes to sit still. Please write a paragraph (take your time) about what you would like to discover in the reading. For more information on the cards go to

Zen Buddhist Practice Discussions
Buddhist practice discussions are for those who are currently students of Zenju Earthlyn Manuel and have a teacher-student relationship with her. They are also for dharma students referred by other teachers and those who have received permission from Zenju to contact her. This guidance is different and separate from the general guidance detailed above. Zenju is currently not taking in new students. Practice discussions with her can occur at dharma events, retreats, or any upcoming dharma classes in which she teaches. Please check Events.  Also, here is information on Still Breathing Zen Sangha