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We are and We are Not

(photo by omaryousief) “We are all one.” This is dry wisdom. It crackles and blows in the wind.¬† It is often not moistened, seasoned or held down with compassion toward the relative experiences of those who are considered unacceptable in

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Honoring The Dead and Posting Videos of Black People Being Murdered by Police

Recently I posted on Facebook (FB) a short rant about not reposting videos of black people being murdered by police and asking for honoring of the dead. My post was motivated by a desire to see the lives of black

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Gabby Douglas and The Meaning Of The U.S. Flag

  “We must acknowledge that there is diversity in the oneness promised to us in the pledge of allegiance.” Countries create symbols to express beliefs and values. These beliefs and values change over time. It is crucial to re-examine symbols

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Suffering Is Neither Good Nor Bad: A Reflection

Suffering is neither good nor bad. Suffering of all kinds is a human condition that is aligned with being alive. It is a natural process of nature and as formed life we are nature. This human condition exists for what

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Chants Against Hatred

Hatred is treason against all life. It is to turn toward a living target and shoot. Internalized hatred is treason against oneself. It is to hold the gun to your own head or to the heads of those who look

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Who is not Haitian?

Contemplating a journey and a calling………. Who is not Haitian? Everywhere is Haiti. Our past, present and future of catastrophe, silenced screams of the poor dying beneath the rubble of hurricanes and earthquakes that are both weather conditions and the

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We Got It Wrong: MLK Jr Was Not Asleep Dreaming

Sharing a post from Tricycle Magazine:

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I Can Breathe: A Meditation on Surviving Acts of Hatred

What stood out most after what was claimed the “wrongful death” of Eric Garner* were the words, “I can’t breathe.” It became a collective mantra. Soon many were wearing t-shirts that said, “I can’t breathe.” This collective voice rose to

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Simple Instructions for A Meditation Practice


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The Misuse of Apology for Black Genocide: A Clarification of Compassion

I have received three apologies from white-skinned strangers in the last three weeks in public places. They each said, “I am sorry for what is happening to black people in this country.” Their comments refer to the recent murders of

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