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The Impossible Mission of Meditation – April, 1, 2017

Talk at People of Color Retreat at Deer Park Monastery – August 6, 2016

The Way of Tenderness at Berkeley Zen Center – April 23, 2016

We Are The Original Light – Livestream talk at San Francisco Zen Center

Buddhism and Liberation – A talk for NYU Global Spiritual Life

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel: Through the Fire to Liberated Tenderness – From Sounds True Weekly Wisdom

The Way Of Tenderness Retreat Day 1 at Brooklyn Zen Center – Awakening the Heart (09/18/2015)

The Way Of Tenderness Retreat Day 2 at Brooklyn Zen Cener – Oneness is Itself (09/19/2015)

KOWS Radio – The Mystical Positivist Radio Show – The Way of Tenderness

Good Grief Radio – The Way of Tenderness and Grief

Audi0 & Video: The Way of Tenderness 

Zen Heart

Living Through Strong Emotions

The Five Gifts

The First Thing You Do When You Wake Up

The Privilege of Expressing Love and Receiving It

It’s All Poetry

Way Seeking Mind of Martin Luther King Jr. 

With Nothing To Attain

Leaving Everything

The Three Elixirs of Sangha: Compassion, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation


Recordings on Black Angel Card website

Recording of Zenju Earthlyn’s talk with Camara Meri Rajabari and Daphne Osunlade Edwards-Ebomwonyi of Root Wombmyn Radio about The Black Angel Cards 

Tuning Into The Unconscious Realm – Rev. Zenju speaks on Zen Ordination and the Black Angel Cards with Life Coach Ade Radio