Are We Really Awake?

(photo by Omar Yousief)

The uncovering of all corruption on this earth with the vilest content of minds being spewed, and the most horrendous acts of neglect and violence being rendered without remorse, clearly points to the beginning of the transmutation we have been waiting for. While our jaws drop or clinch in rage, hatred is serving as the necessary catalyst to examine ourselves as human beings, as a society, as a world.

Stories of pain and suffering crowd our minds, crush our hearts, while we make efforts to deepen the meaning of our lives. With an enhanced understanding and purified insight we hope to make a better choice of being who we are and a better choice with what and how we choose to use our time and energy.

Ultimately, with intense cruelty we are forced to find ways out of it and to cleanse our collective souls sooner rather than later. We make efforts to dissolve our unconscious needs and move toward a more holistic and liberated consciousness for the whole no matter how we are embodied or where we live.

Today, in the U.S., we have spent a great amount of time proving “he” is not fit to be “King.” Yet, we wake up and “he” is still there. The ugly is leftover from yesterday. “He” is not one person alone but a combination of all corruption of every kind. If “he” is the embodiment of our worst nightmare, we must be still collectively asleep. We are swirled back into the nightmare each time the corrupted-voice-consciousness speaks. After it speaks, do we stand still long enough for the rapid eye movement to cease and our heads to stop spinning so that we become fully awake?

We are constantly being drawn back into extreme fear, horror, despair, anxiety and great sadness. It is difficult to wake up from being under the influence of heavy doses of oppression. Many sages and activists work at this twenty-four seven. It is not an overnight action to become awake. We can’t just say we are “woke” without a few steps.

The first step is to acknowledge the extreme collective emotions occurring today as still being in the trauma. We can and have moved forward in our trauma but if we are not conscious of it, we will select, elect, engage, take on, the same things/conditions that led us into a state of corruption and the reoccurring nightmare. We can go into what seems dark without fear if we can see darkness as a place of discovery, mystery, and insight and know we are not mightier than this god-given darkness. If we can wait a moment before lighting up the dark space for comfort, we can use the darkness to get ready for full transmutation. We can use our reoccurring nightmare to find out what needs attending to individually and collectively.

We are not dreaming alone.

If this does not serve you wash our your ears and eyes.

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

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