Month: June 2016

Called to Haiti, Vodoun and Ourselves

Called to Haiti, Vodoun, and Ourselves Project is on hold until 2017 (photo by Vaschelle André- Pictured l. to r. Ashara Ekundayo, Vaschelle André, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, and Simbwala Schultz)

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Suffering Is Neither Good Nor Bad: A Reflection

Suffering is neither good nor bad. Suffering of all kinds is a human condition that is aligned with being alive. It is a natural process of nature and as formed life we are nature. This human condition exists for what

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Chants Against Hatred

Hatred is treason against all life. It is to turn toward a living target and shoot. Internalized hatred is treason against oneself. It is to hold the gun to your own head or to the heads of those who look

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