Month: June 2015

Entering and Departing Silent Retreats

Many ask, “How do I enter into a silent meditation retreat and then re-engage the world upon departure?  You can just experience the retreat and then create your own guidelines for next time or perhaps these guidelines might be useful

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The Dance of Death

Daddy had chopped the tail off the Doberman pincher. The poor puppy was crying and shaking. “What have you done to Princess?” The garage was dark with cobwebs hanging in the corners. I stared at the blood where the crime

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Fluidity of Identity and Groundlessness

Pema Chödrön, Buddhist nun and teacher, says that our embodied identities are fluid and dynamic. Our incarnations in bodies are fixed but our identities are as fluid as water. Unfortunately, we do not acknowledge this fluidity in our society. We

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What Does Buddhism Have to do with Black People?

  She walks through the gate, Heavy footed, Gazing out from the darkness of skin, Seeing no church pews, She sits chanting, Why have I come without knowing whose house I have entered? —zenju   I removed my sandals just

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