Month: August 2009

See the Butterfly

No one has ever told me that I remind them of a butterfly, bearing up in the wild winds, migrating through thick tight seasons, arriving, still, light enough to rest on the underside of a leaf. And that soft sandhill

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Endless Wells

In the desert of life, We long for ourselves, missing the dark watery caves we came from, We long for that water, again and again, Until finally someone comes along and shows us how to drink from our own endless

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A Place to Leap

When you flew You tipped the tall pines while you thought no one was watching, it was more than graceful the way you anticipated danger, moving without resistance through the storms of your life. You wait on the other side,

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Burying the Bones: Rituals for Loss of Life, Land, and Culture

Burying the Bones Rituals for Loss of Life, Land, and Culture (photo of Batik people) We need to create symbolic burial rituals for those whose lives were taken to confiscate the land in which they lived and preserved culture or

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